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What to Consider When Choosing a Mobility Chair

Making the decision to get a power mobility chair is important, and often times necessary to improve a Patient's quality of life. When Patients or Referral Partners reach out to Landmark to begin the process of choosing the best mobility chair for the Patient's needs, we help them hash out what is most important. Our staff takes time to determine which power mobility chair can be the best solution for each Patient. When it comes to choosing a power mobility chair, there is no "one size fits all" across the board. This is why we have trained power mobility experts and a licensed ATP on staff who focus on the individual needs and desires of each Patient to find a solution that is the best fit. Landmark also has a showroom with power mobility chairs that Patients can test for themselves to get a feel of the different options in person.

Once you or a loved one has made the decision that a power mobility chair would add value to his/her life, there are multiple things to consider before deciding which chair is best. A few of these questions that are key to ask before purchasing a power chair are-

  • How long do the batteries last before needing to recharge them?

  • How do the seat cushions provide comfort?

  • Is the chair adjustable (up and down, reclining, etc.)?

  • How easily can the chair be transported?

  • If I have a problem with the scooter and need it to be serviced, who should I call?

  • How fast does the power chair or scooter go?

  • How long does it take to charge the mobility chair?

  • Can I test drive the chair or scooter before purchasing?

  • How will the chair hold up outdoors/on different terrains/ different weather conditions?

  • Can the seat be adjusted to fit me?

  • How much weight can the chair hold?

  • If I am in need of a complex custom chair, how long will it take to receive it?

  • Are my legs and arms able to rest comfortably when sitting in the chair?

All of these questions should be answered to the Patient's satisfaction before purchasing a power mobility chair. At Landmark, our friendly team will inform each Patient about the chair, answer all questions they have, help them get situated, and teach them exactly how to operate the power chair or scooter by themselves. It is important to set up each Patient for success and be available after the sale for additional servicing and assistance when needed. No Patient is a burden and no question is insignificant, we've heard them all. We want each Patient to experience the freedom and independence that comes with increasing their mobility capabilities through a power mobility device and it is our goal to make that transition as seamless as possible. If you or a loved one would like to get started on the process of choosing a power mobility device to suit all of your needs, please give us a call at (877)693-0007 and select option 3 for the power department.

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