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Keys to Freedom, a New Kind of 'Easy Chair'

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Our Goal on Every Mobility Order is to Perfectly
Configure a System Fitting Long Term Needs.

Basic Power Mobility includes standard power wheelchairs and power scooters.  Both devices can be used indoors or outdoors, but power wheelchairs are able to navigate tighter spaces.  A power wheelchair has a joystick on one of the armrests for steering, while a power scooter uses handlebars to steer.  Either power mobility device can be transported with a vehicle lift system, although some power scooters are able to fit inside the trunk of a car.  Considerations in power mobility include availability of different colors, weight thresholds, and terrain handling capabilities.  We also have accessories available, including cushions, equipment racks, and baskets.  Landmark is able to provide all of these options, including device, automotive lift, accessories, and home modification.


For customers with a condition requiring more than standard mobility, Landmark provides in-house customized attention.  Our Complex Power Mobility Team—which includes on-staff ATP (Assistive Technology Professionals), LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse), and equipment technician professionals—has many years of qualifying experience finding the right chair to keep our complex customers moving.


A manual wheelchair is a chair with wheels used by people with permanent or temporary mobility impairment.  A standard wheelchair has larger wheels than a travel or transport chair, and allows a person to propel if they have sufficient arm strength.  Standard manual wheelchairs are heavier than a transport chair, and notably durable.  Multiple sizes of chairs are available.  A transport wheelchair is a manually operated chair with wheels, but having smaller wheels and lighter weight than a standard wheelchair.  Since the wheels are small, the patient is unable to propel the chair with their arms, requiring aid from a caregiver to ambulate.  Transport chairs best serve patients that are unable to propel themselves.  Ultra lightweight wheelchairs are designed primarily for people with longer termed disabilities.  These chairs are much lighter than standard wheelchairs, offering customized seating and additional features.  Often the frame can be folded and stored into a small space.  Ultra lightweight wheelchairs weigh less than 30 pounds.


Reclining wheelchairs have backs that recline much like that of a car seat.  The units have a full high back and headrest support.  This feature is useful to redistribute the weight onto the back.  This chair is designed for people that sit in a wheelchair for long periods of time.  On a tilt-in-space wheelchair, the entire seating system rotates around a sliding pivot point.  The system is designed mostly for pressure relief on Patients that can’t perform their own weight shifts.  The chair redistributes the center of gravity by rotating the axis of the chair. 

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We Configure Basic to Complex
Power Wheelchairs

that Enable Independent Living. 



  • Full and Travel Size Power Scooters

  • Power Wheelchairs

  • Bariatric Chair Systems

  • Complex Multi-Function Power Wheelchairs

  • Complex Manual Wheelchairs


  • ATP Needs Assessment and Custom Fitting

  • Controllers, Head Arrays

  • Tilt & Recline

  • Custom Seating and Cushions


  • Home Ramps

  • Auto Ramps & Lifts

  • Chair Mounts for Medical Equipment

  • Grab Bar Installations


  • Home Diagnostics and Repair

  • System Modifications

  • Assembly & Inspection

  • Warranty Processing

  • Battery Replacement

(1)  ATP (Assistive Technology Professionals)

Individuals with complex disabilities should seek a RESNA–Certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) to configure their equipment.  ATP certification is a clear way of identifying companies that have the expertise necessary to help people with disabilities procure a properly configured assistive device.  RESNA stands for Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America.  Members of this non-profit professional organization serve people with disabilities who are seeking technology to maximize independence in their environment.    For more information on ATP certification, visit


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Patients & Caregivers

Specialty Providers

Help Me With My Home Infusion Therapy or Medical Equipment 

Hospital Discharge

 Set Up My Patient With Home Infusion or
Medical Equipment

 Set Up My Patient With Home Infusion or
Medical Equipment

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Infusion Therapies 

  • Anti-Infectives

  • Nutritional Support

  • Inotropic Agents

  • Clinical Care Management

Medical Equipment and Supplies

  • Infusion Pumps & IV Supplies 

  • Enteral Pumps & Formula

  • Oxygen Equipment and Cylinders

  • Mobility Equipment

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Experience a

Landmark Level of Service

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Landmark provides Home Medical Equipment & Infusion Therapies directly to Patients in homes and facilities across North Texas, including IV drugs, equipment, supplies, nursing and administration services. 


We work with our Patients' Doctors to develop individual IV treatment plans that maximize the effectiveness of Home Infusion Therapy, and our staff is expert at orchestrating complex Infusion Therapies in the home.  

Our sterile medications and nutrition are prepared in USP-797 Cleanrooms under stringent requirements, compounded by highly trained Infusion Technicians, and supervised by experienced Clinical Infusion Pharmacists. 

We fully manage Patient orders from intake, through delivery, and all the way to the end of therapy.  Our signature Landmark Level of Service means we are available 24 / 7 to coordinate with our Patient & Referral Customers to help achieve the best possible outcome for their Plan of Care.  

Our four main Customers we serve: 

  • the Patient receiving the Equipment or Infusion, and their Caregivers,

  • Prescribing Physicians, and their Clinical Staff,

  • Other Integrated Care Providers involved in managing the care of our Patients, and

  • Health Insurance Payers seeking quality homecare providers.

Landmark Healthcare, Inc. was formed in 1999 and has processed over 340 thousand orders for over 84 thousand Patients in North Texas (as of August 2020).  Our mission is to help discharge Patients to their homes on a timely basis, and provide ongoing home support for their Physician's plan of care.   We fully coordinate our orders with clinical referrals, home health, Patients, and Caregivers.  Our USP 797 sterile compounds are prepared under the supervision of experienced Clinical Pharmacists, and we set up medical equipment at the home or facility setting.  We provide full training and support for our products 24 / 7 / 365.

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