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Inside Landmark: Interview with an ATP

We have an excellent ATP, or Assistive Technology Professional, employed here at Landmark to help our power mobility Patients find the right power mobility chair for them. With her professional expertise and elite customer service, she is able to answer all your questions, assess each Patient for individual mobility needs, and help fit our Patients for a power mobility chairs. We interviewed her to give you an inside look into what she does to help our mobility Patients everyday.

What type of training did you do to become an ATP?

"Everyone must have hands on experience in the field It is opened to anyone with a minimum of a high school diploma or GED and up. The work experience is at a minimum of 1000 work hours to a maximum of 6000 work hours. There are ATP classes that also must be completed. You need to have between 10 and 30 continuing education hours a well and every two years you are required to get recertified."

What advice can you give to someone who thinks that they or a loved one may need a mobility device?

"Start with a frank discussion between you and your loved one about why and then go to your doctor and have a face-to-face appointment to discuss the reasons."

How are you able to help mobility Patients choose the right chair for them?

"I review the medical documentation and then talk to them or the family members. I encourage them to come into the office to see what we have and offer them a “test drive” in the showroom I find that they have better success with it in the home if they have tried it out first."

How do you work with the prescribing physicians for patients who need a mobility device?

"I am willing to talk to the physicians should they have any questions/concerns. I can also email them information in regard to the chair and the insurance criteria."

How does insurance play a role in the cost of mobility devices?

"Insurance plays a very important role in determining the cost. Most insurances have a set criteria in place and if you do not meet that criteria then they will not cover the cost and it would then be an out-of-pocket expense."

How can a mobility chair improve a Patient's quality of life?

"It will provide independence in your home so that they can get to and from one room to another in a timely manner, will help prevent falls, and will allow them to be able to do more for themselves such as getting food and drink by themselves and not have to wait on anyone."

What are some tips you can give to Patients to keep their mobility/power chair working correctly?

"Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for maintaining the chair. Be sure to charge the charge nightly for a minimum of 8 hours, do not take out in rain, rough terrain and do not drive thru puddles."

Is Landmark able to service and repair mobility chairs?

"We offer service and repair for all chairs that we have provided. There is a $50 evaluation fee for our technicians to come out and evaluate what is wrong with the chair. This is not something that is paid for by any insurance. Most parts and the labor to install will be covered by insurance, there may be exclusions to this but it will depend on the customers individual insurance plan. They will be informed prior to any repair of any copayments that are due and payable before or at the time of service."

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