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Industry experts believe homecare will continue to grow as a preferred site of care.   Homecare is not only​ the more cost effective site of care, it's also more convenient and comfortable for Patients.


Effective homecare must be orchestrated.  It not only requires comprehensive Patient setup, training, monitoring  and support by homecare experts, but also careful, yet efficient, coordination with Prescribing Doctors and medical facilities.  

We believe homecare companies in this post-pandemic decade will need to develop integrated care partnerships with like-minded companies to successfully evolve.  These companies will not only seek to build value-based, Patient-centered care models that significantly enhance compliance to the Prescriber's Plan of Care, but will also significantly enhance the customer service experience.  These best of class models will be augmented with timely Outcomes tracking to help proactively steer intervention and improvement for each Patient.  

For example, integrated care coordinated between homecare company and a hospital can help reduce length of stays and lower readmissions, while coordination between homecare companies can reduce the workload on upstream hospitals, thus allowing them more time to take care of Patients.


We seek the following partners interested in those models:

Transitions of Care Partners

  • Acute Facilities

  • Post-Acute Facilities

  • Home Health Providers

Physician Practice Homecare Models

Facility or Practice Based Infusion Contracting

Outcomes Based Contract Partners

ACO & Outcomes Based Contracts

Health Insurance Networks Seeking Quality Providers

State, Federal & Municipal Homecare Contract Administrators

Patient Navigators & Networks

Corporate Financing Partners

Business Combination Partners

Community Based Partnerships

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