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Supplemental Oxygen Therapy

Doctors prescribe supplemental Oxygen therapy to increase the amount of Oxygen a person receives with every breath.  Some medical conditions make it difficult for the lungs to extract the body’s required amount of Oxygen from room air, resulting in Oxygen levels dropping to dangerous levels.  Supplemental Oxygen allows the patient to maintain acceptable levels of Oxygen in their bloodstream.  Since medical Oxygen is categorized by the FDA as a “drug”, the production, storage and delivery of Oxygen contents is regulated by federal and state entities to ensure that only pure and uncontaminated Oxygen is delivered to Patients.  Any user of Oxygen should choose a high quality control provider like Landmark.  Among other things, a provider of Oxygen must receive the proper licensure, certification and accreditation. 

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Concentrators are medical devices about the size of carryon luggage.  They intake room air (approximately 21% Oxygen) and filter out Nitrogen to deliver a flow of air to the Patient that is greater than 90% Oxygen.  The unit is fitted with a length of hose, attached to a nose cannula, and plugged into a 110 volt standard electrical outlet.  Standard concentrators can be set to run continuously without running out of charge.  Concentrators should be used when not ambulating in order to save gas or liquid Oxygen contents.  Typical Oxygen concentrators weigh about 30 pounds and have caster wheels to enable easy movement across the floor.  Landmark maintains a fleet of company-owned Oxygen concentrators.  Our on staff technicians are available in the middle of the night, if needed, to provide technical support, perform repairs, and exchange equipment.

Oxygen Cylinders

Portable aluminum oxygen cylinders are filled with pure compressed Oxygen contents under pressure.  Most people have seen someone receiving supplemental Oxygen from a tank while out on errands, eating at a restaurant, or just enjoying their day.  With multiple sizes in carrying bags and carts, these cylinders are frequently used for supplemental Oxygen, mostly for their portability, reliability, and convenience.  With the Oxygen in these cylinders under pressure, no electrical power is required, making them the go-to backup solution in power outages or on road trips.  Most customers have a primary Oxygen system, such as a concentrator, and use some cylinders as a portable solution or backup.  Landmark works with our customers to configure the proper number of cylinders and sizes depending on customer need.  

Many providers use third parties to refill Oxygen cylinder contents for their customers.  Landmark owns a 3,000 gallon bulk liquid Oxygen tank that allows us to transfill our own cylinders.  We use our own specially equipped vehicles to deliver Oxygen.  We store, fill and deliver concentrated Oxygen using our highly trained Oxygen technicians.  Every week, our technicians are delivering to homes and facilities across North Texas. 

Oxygen Content Tank Refill Programs—Liquid and Gas Cylinders

Landmark maintains a proprietary Liquid Oxygen bulk storage tank and its own gas transfilling system.  We do not use third parties for this critical part of our operation, but have many thousands of company-owned gas and liquid Oxygen cylinders we fill, track, and service.  Our Oxygen transfilling Quality Assurance Program establishes a uniform method of ensuring:

  • Our production of Oxygen gas meets established assay/purity guarantees,

  • Our cylinders are processed and packaged to avoid contamination during storage and delivery,

  • Our Oxygen is offered in a suitable container, manufactured and maintained in accordance with safety standards, and in compliance with all applicable inspections and requalification tests, and

  • Our cylinders are properly identified with labels that state clearly what the product is and associated hazards.

We run regular routes so wait times for deliveries are minimal.  We also take the time to place cylinders where the customer desires as opposed to just dropping off at the front door.  We offer our customers free exchanges of empty Landmark gas cylinders at any of our branches.

Oxygen Hardware, Supplies and Accessories

Our Oxygen programs are complimented by complete hardware offerings, including regulating and conserving devices.  Some Oxygen users can qualify for conserving devices, which release a bolus of Oxygen only during inhalation, thus dramatically increasing the amount of time a Patient can use a portable Oxygen tank.  Users interested in using a conserving device must have a prescription from their Physician. Landmark carries all related supplies for Oxygen therapy, including hoses, nasal cannulas, face masks, filters, and humidification chambers.  We ship fresh supplies to our customers upon demand or customers can drop by one of our branches to refresh supplies.  Landmark carries portable accessories, such as tank racks and cylinder carriers, including over the shoulder bag carriers and personal wheeled tank carts and dollies.  We offer oximeter testing devices, which test the amount of Oxygen saturation in the blood.  For broader respiratory conditions, Landmark provides a wide range of home respiratory products from nebulizers to ventilators.

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Landmark provides Infusion Therapies & Home Medical Equipment directly to Patients in homes and facilities across North Texas, including IV drugs, equipment, supplies, nursing and administration services. 



We work with our Patients' Doctors to develop individual IV treatment plans that maximize the effectiveness of Home Infusion Therapy, and our staff is expert at orchestrating complex Infusion Therapies in the home.  

Our sterile medications and nutrition are prepared in USP-797 Cleanrooms under stringent requirements, compounded by highly trained Infusion Technicians, and supervised by experienced Clinical Infusion Pharmacists. 

We fully manage Patient orders from intake, through delivery, and all the way to the end of therapy.  Our signature Landmark Level of Service means we are available 24 / 7 to coordinate with our Patient & Referral Customers to help achieve the best possible outcome for their Plan of Care.  

Our four main Customers we serve: 

Infusion Therapies 

  • Anti-Infectives

  • Nutritional Support

  • Inotropic Agents

  • Clinical Care Management

Medical Equipment and Supplies

  • Infusion Pumps & IV Supplies 

  • Enteral Pumps & Formula

  • Oxygen Equipment and Cylinders

  • Mobility Equipment

  • the Patient receiving the Equipment or Infusion, and their Caregivers,

  • Prescribing Physicians, and their Clinical Staff,

  • Other Integrated Care Providers involved in managing the care of our Patients, and

  • Health Insurance Payers seeking quality homecare providers.

Experience a

Landmark Level of Service

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Landmark Healthcare, Inc. was formed in 1999 and has processed over 340 thousand orders for over 84 thousand Patients in North Texas (as of August 2020).  Our mission is to help discharge Patients to their homes on a timely basis, and provide ongoing home support for their Physician's plan of care.   We fully coordinate our orders with clinical referrals, home health, Patients, and Caregivers.  Our USP 797 sterile compounds are prepared under the supervision of experienced Clinical Pharmacists, and we set up medical equipment at the home or facility setting.  We provide full training and support for our products 24 / 7 / 365.

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