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Why Do Our Referral Partners Choose Landmark?

The team at Landmark works and communicates with a number of healthcare professionals, Patients, and their Caregivers to keep the entire hospital discharge process running smoothly. We understand that in order for our Referral Partners to be successful in their roles of transitioning Patients home, they must surround themselves with a blanket of trusted homecare providers. The trust between Landmark and our referral partners has been built over the course of over 20+ years and requires ongoing work to manage these relationships. Our referral partners that our Intake team works with include:

  • Physicians that write and sign the home infusion orders

  • Physicians that manage or follow the Patient's care after discharge from the hospital

  • Hospital Case Managers, Social Workers, and Discharge Planners who are involved with the Patient's transition of care to home infusion

So why do our Referral Partners continue to choose Landmark to trust us with their Patients?

1. Landmark uses creative problem-solving for critical care Patients.

  • We have a team of clinicians that review every detail of every order. This effectively lowers our error rates and ensures nothing is missed.

  • We identify potential issues early and provide alternate solutions.

2. Speed to Discharge

  • We specialize in same-day discharges.

  • We provide answers quickly to expedite the discharge process.

  • We accept most insurance plans which allows us to accept most orders.

  • The ability to speak with a Live Pharmacist at anytime.

3. Trusted Provider Since 1999

  • We identify "barriers to success" immediately and share findings with referral partners.

  • We seek therapies with higher stability and sterility.

  • We fully manage Patient orders through the end of their therapy.

  • We have processed over 340,000 homecare orders.

For more information on Landmark's "Transition to Homecare" process, you can visit or give us a call anytime 24/7 at 866-388-3883.

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