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Transitioning Care to Home Infusion

If you are a healthcare professional such as a Physician, Case Manager, Social Worker, Nurse, or Discharge Planner, we understand the importance of needing to get your Patients home and keeping them home to be successful on their home infusion plan of care. 4 things we have learned while working with Case Managers and Social Workers since 1999 are- 1) You are Beyond Busy 2) Everything is a Priority 3) Efficient Communication is a Must 4) Speed & Flexibility are Required At Landmark, we aim to help meet each of the needs of you and your Patients as they are transitioning to home care and we are here to help that transition run seamlessly. We are here to help in a few ways that we believe will make your job run smoother and help with the success of our Patients in their plans of care. We understand what you and our Patients need to have a harmonious transition to home infusion care. Landmark knows our Case Managers and Social Workers need a smooth transition to home infusion. For example- 1) Sending a Home Infusion Order Should be Painless 2) Your Home Infusion Provider Should Take Most Insurances with the Rapid Confirmation Ability to Accept Patients 3) The Home Infusion Provider Should Help Orchestrate Discharge 4) Your Patients Have to be Thoroughly Educated and Made Comfortable with Home Infusion 5) Your Home Infusion Team Should Be Experts in Managing the Order from Intake Through the End of Therapy At Landmark, we have provided expert assistance to our many case managers, physicians, social workers, and discharge planners we have worked with over the years. Our Home Infusion Team takes each order from Intake until their Plan of Care is complete to ensure our Patients don't have to be readmitted to the hospital. Our Reimbursement staff works quickly and efficiently with the Patients' insurance to be able to accept Patients as soon as possible. Our Patient Educator will personally visit Patients in the hospital before they are discharged to give them thorough education on their unique Home Infusion therapy. Let us help you and Your Patients throughout North Texas successfully complete their Home Infusion Plans of Care. We are here to serve you in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and our Pharmacy can be reached at any time at 866.388.3883. Give us a call today so we can start helping transition your Patients to Home Infusion.

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