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Let Our Dynamic Team Help Take Care of Your Patients

If you are a healthcare professional such as a Physician, Case Manager, Social Worker, Nurse, or Discharge Planner, we understand the importance of needing to get your Patients home and keeping them home. At Landmark, our dynamic team of Pharmacists, Intake Coordinators, Pharmacy Technicians, Patient Educators, and Reimbursement Professionals are here to help you and your Patients every step of the way. We have a team that excels in working together with you to help your Patients be successful as they transition out of acute care settings to home.

1. Pharmacists

We have 7 registered pharmacists on staff. These pharmacists work in various areas of the pharmacy from processing new orders, to Patient counseling, to ensuring compliance, to quality control. One of our Pharmacists is also focused solely on our TPN Patients. Our pharmacists are IV certified and have undergone extensive training specific to home infusion to best serve our Patients.

2. Pharmacy Technicians

We have a team of 9 pharmacy technicians who are certified in the state of Texas. Our pharmacy technicians work with our Pharmacists to communicate with Patients, process new orders, and use sterile compounding techniques in our clean room to compound each Patient's home infusion medication. Pharmacy Technicians will check in with our Patients weekly regarding their medication and refill supplies.

3. Intake Coordinators

Our Intake department works quickly and efficiently to process orders as soon as we receive them from our referral sources. Our Intake Coordinators also include a Pharmacist and a few Pharmacy Technicians to work on the orders as soon as we receive them.

4. Dietitian/Patient Educator

In one of our recent blog posts, which you can check out here we go into more detail about our excellent Dietitian/Patient Educator. She works closely with our Nutrition Excellence Program to assist with Patients on TPNs and educates home infusion Patients on their specific home therapy whether it be TPN, IV antibiotics, or IVIG before they are discharged from the hospital to ensure success from home.

5. Reimbursement Professionals

At Landmark, we are proud of the tenure and longevity many of our staff have with us. Our reimbursement department has several people that have been with us for over a decade and with that experience, they bring knowledge, expertise, and customer service to help our Patients. Our Reimbursement professionals help Patients by checking their insurance benefits and communicating with them about payment plans and costs. We are proud of the Team we have at Landmark and are confident in our abilities to assist you and your Patients have a successful transition to Home Infusion. Contact us today at 866-388-3883 to reach our Pharmacy and we can answer any questions you may have.

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