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5 Tips for Caregivers

5 Tips for Caregivers If you are a Caregiver of a friend or family member who is receiving home infusion therapy, we know that you need information and support to help provide the best transition to homecare as possible. Landmark Healthcare is here to help, from our customer service professionals, to our experienced reimbursement agents, to our clinical pharmacists we want to help provide the highest level of support that we can. Here are 5 tips that Caregivers can use to help the Patient have successful home infusion therapy.

  1. Follow the Patient's Plan of Care. When a Patient is discharged, it is important that they follow the plan of care that is outlined by the clinical pharmacist and prescribing physician. Anything that a Caregiver does, should be in conjunction with the Patient's plan of care and supporting the Patient through their Home Infusion Therapy.

  2. Keep equipment and supplies organized and clean. It is important to ensure the safety of the Patient by keeping the medication, pumps, and supplies in an easy to access, organized manner. It is important that it is kept in area where they are kept away from contamination and any interaction with pets, children, food, etc.

  3. Keep contact information and any informational materials handy. Our clinical pharmacists can reached at any time 24/7 at. When our Clinical Educator teaches the Patient (and sometimes the Caregiver as well) on the Infusion equipment before they discharge from the hospital, it is important to keep any instructional materials handy in case you or the Patient run into any questions once at home.

  4. Help provide a sterile and clean environment to prevent infection. It is imperative that the Patient maintains a clean environment when performing home infusions. Use alcohol pads, proper hand washing techniques before and after the infusion and use gloves when handling the medication.

  5. Help the Patient continue to keep appointments with their physician and encourage them to stay in communication with Landmark Infusion pharmacy staff. Our pharmacy technicians will call Patients weekly to discuss medication refills and to answer any questions about their home infusion therapy. It is of the best interest of the Patient to stay in communication with all healthcare professionals to communicate about their therapy.

At Landmark, we are here for our Patients and Caregivers 24/7 so please don't hesitate to call us with any questions regarding home infusion therapies. We can be reached at 866-388-3883.

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