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Home Medical


Critical Care

Customer Rights & Responsibilities

The customer has the right to:

  • Refuse delivery of any and all equipment or supplies.
  • Expect that all information will be kept in strictest confidence.
  • Have prompt delivery and to be fully informed on the use, and care of all Landmark Healthcare equipment in their home.
  • Expect all equipment to be clean and in good repair.
  • Have any questions answered promptly, correctly and courteously.
  • Expect a resolution to any problem or complaint.
  • Know that if he/she is found unresponsive, Landmark Healthcare policy is for staff to call 911 for emergency medical intervention.

The customer has the responsibility to:

  • Follow instruction in care and use of all equipment.
  • Keep Landmark Healthcare informed of any change in address, doctor, insurance carrier or prescription.
  • Order supplies or refills on a timely basis to accommodate reasonable delivery.
  • Have someone at home on the day delivery is scheduled.
  • Pay all invoices that are due; not covered by their insurance.