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Our goal is to make infusion therapy as easy and effective as possible for you. Our Joint-Commission accreditation and USP-797-compliant compounding facility ensure you receive the highest quality medications, delivered at your convenience. We also work with you and your doctor to develop your individual treatment plan designed to maximize the effectiveness of your therapy. We provide the medication, equipment, supplies, training and nursing services in your home. We’ll even manage your insurance reimbursement for you. We are available for assistance 24 / 7 / 365.

  • Antibiotics
  • Immunoglobulins (IV and SC)
  • Inotropic
  • Intermittent and Continuous
  • Injectable Medications
  • TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition)
  • Steroids
  • Nutritional Support Services
  • Pediatric and Adult Services
  • Specialty Pharmacy Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety procedures should I follow with my IV pole?
• Verify stability of infusion pump when mounted to an IV pole.
• Periodically check to make sure all parts are secure and tight.
• Clear pathways of cords and tubing to prevent falls and slipping.
• Be careful navigating stairs, steps, carpet, and uneven surfaces, wheels might snag.
• Adjust IV pole to proper height for medication administration.

What should I do if my pump alarms during an infusion?
• Investigate the cause of the alarm.
• Refer to pump training directions to identify cause of the alarm.
• If possible correct the cause for the alarm, checking for any kinks, or obstructions in the IV tubing or administration set.
• If unsure of alarm reason, contact the pharmacist or home health agency.
• Restart and finish the interrupted infusion.

How should I store my medications and supplies?
• Medications will be labeled with proper storage conditions. Store medications in their original containers, where children can’t see or reach them, and they are protected from heat, humidity, or direct sunlight.
• Most supplies need to be stored at room temperature.
• Pumps, when not in use, should be plugged in, as to maintain a full battery charge.
• Room Temperature means 67-78°F
• Refrigerated temperature means 36-46°F
• If unclear on storage conditions of medications or supplies, call the pharmacist.

What are the delivery procedures for pharmacy medications and supplies?
The first delivery will be made by a Landmark service technician. Afterward deliveries will be made either by a technician or via UPS. Patients will be contacted prior to delivery to arrange a delivery time and check supply needs. A signature is required upon delivery. Packages will not be delivered if no one is available to sign for them.

What if I have questions about my medications or a question that is not answered here?
If you have questions about your medications, therapy, supplies, or have received a change in medications from your physician please contact a pharmacist at 866-388-3883 or pharmacy@landmarkhc.com.

How can I help make sure I am taking the correct medication safely and properly?
• Ask your physician to write down the medication name, dosage, and directions for you.
• Read the label each time you take a dose to make sure you have the right drug and that you are following the correct directions.
• Always check expiration dates on medications before using.
• Wash hands before and after medication administration.
• Maintain a list of medications, allergies, and questions, take the list to physician visits and your pharmacy each time, updating as your medications change.
• Ask the pharmacist if you have any questions or any information differs from what your physician said.

If I think I am having an adverse or allergic reaction to my medication, what should I do?
• Stop the infusion.
• If suffering a severe reaction or suspected anaphylaxis reaction, Call 911, severe reaction symptoms include swelling or tightening of the airways or throat, rapid pulse, dizziness, shock, nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, and loss of consciousness.
• Contact pharmacy, home health care agency, and physician once able to.
• Any other allergic reactions such as skin rash, hives, itching, fever, or facial swelling, stop infusion and notify pharmacy, home health agency, and physician before continuing.
• When in doubt, Call 911.

What if my question wasn’t answered here?
If you have more questions about your equipment, stop by one of our locations or contact us at customerservice@landmarkhc.com or toll free at 877-693-0007.