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Helpful ways to Get a better night's rest with your CPAP/BIPAP

Most people find tremendous relief from using their CPAP/BIPAP. There are many health advantages related to using a CPAP/BIPAP, but it can be difficult to get adjusted to sleeping with a sleep mask. Here are a few tips to help get adjusted more quickly and get a few more Z Z Z Z's.

1. Get a well fitted mask-The most important feature of a sleep mask is that it is fitted properly and the style works well for you.
2. Get a heated humidifier-Many CPAP/BIPAP users experience dryness in their nose and throat and adding a heated humidifier can add comfort and help protect your nasal passage.
3. Take time to get adjusted-It may take a little time to get adjusted to your CPAP/BIPAP but continue to use it consistently. Over time you will get more adapted and you will see better results when your sleep apnea is treated.
4. Get a CPAP/BIPAP Pillow- Often people find it difficult to get comfortable using their CPAP/BIPAP with a regular pillow. Special pillows allow room for tubes and hoses and help you get more rest at night.
5. Maintain your machine -It is important that you maintain and clean your machine for the best results. Wipe your mask per provider's instruction or manufactures suggestions to prevent a build up of bacteria and clean the filter to maintain proper airflow.