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Gift ideas for Seniors

When it comes to holiday shopping, there are always a few on our list for whom buying becomes a vexing prospect every year. In fact, your elderly loved ones may prove a more daunting challenge than most. Here are a few gift ideas that may make your shopping a little bit easier.

• Daily Living Assists. There is a wide array of products designed to help those with limited capabilities function more comfortably in the home. Grab bars for the bathroom, reach assists and hip kits, the help these items provide are trivial enough to overlook if you're healthy, but given the limited capabilities of your loved one, could prove to be a much appreciated gift.
• A personal response system. Falling is a major concern among seniors. A system with a button pendant that can signal for help at the touch of a button can provide a sense of security for the elderly individual living on his own.
• Lift chairs. Highly popular among the senior set. A nice, comfortable piece of furniture that can help with the pain and discomfort associated with getting in and out of an easy chair.
• If you're on a more limited budget, a long distance phone card is a great gift idea for seniors who do not have an unlimited calling plan, a book of stamps for those who do not pay their bills online, or a good moisturizer to help battle the drying effects of aging skin.