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Our History

Ron Majerus founded Landmark Healthcare in Texas in 1999. Ron was the sole employee of the company during its first year, but that didn’t deter him from having a “Whatever It Takes” attitude while delivering high-quality home medical equipment (HME) and durable medical equipment (DME) throughout North Texas. Customers not only got the best quality equipment for their therapy, but also a personal level of service that quickly set Landmark apart from simple distributors.

This high touch customer service approach earned the trust of physicians and referral sources across North Texas. The business grew, adding team members that embraced the goal of a Landmark Level of Service. Landmark’s “Whatever It Takes” commitment continued to grow the company’s employees, and in 2003, Landmark moved to its second location, off North Main Street in Fort Worth.

As the team expanded, Management realized that the best way to ensure employees modeled a “Whatever It Takes” attitude toward customer service, was to take care of employees in the same way. The Company also developed quality control processes, while investing heavily in information technology and equipment. The key driver, though, was to continue to recruit only the most talented folks to truly deliver a Landmark Level of Service. This approach enabled the company to replicate its customer service success to additional locations in North Texas to serve all Dallas Fort Worth area customers.

Through continued delivery of the same Landmark Level of Service over the years, we’re proud to have become the largest, 100% independent, employee-owned home medical equipment / durable medical equipment and supplies provider in North Texas. Over a third of our employees have earned equity in Landmark by showing a long-term commitment to our “Whatever It Takes” philosophy. Rest assured that your needs will be met with the same approach thousands of other satisfied customers have experienced.